Getting Around Rome by Bus, Metro, or Tram

How to navigate Rome’s bus, metro, and public transportation system You’re headed to Rome. Congratulations! If you’re arriving from FCO and want to know how to get to the centro, click here. But if you’re arriving to CIA, click here instead! If this isn’t your first time in a big city (if it is, I’m […]

CIA to Rome — How to Get to Centro From Rome’s [Other] Airport

Serviced by mainly budget flights, CIA is surprisingly easy to reach from Rome and vice versa To listen to the podcast version of this article, check out our “Getting to Rome” podcast episode. In my last article, I wrote about getting from FCO (Rome’s largest Airport) to Termini (Rome’s central train station which also serves […]

5 Ways To Save Money While Traveling

Down the street or across the world, these tips can help you become a budget traveler Traveling anywhere, let alone the world, shouldn’t be as expensive as our family or friends might make it out to be. You shouldn’t have to save thousands of dollars just to go abroad for a few weeks. Here are […]

Getting a SIM Card In Italy

How to get a SIM card in Italy This article is designed for those who want an Italian SIM card and intend on being in Italy for at least a few weeks. It’s not designed for those passing through for a few nights, or those interested in Prepaid SIM Cards. If you’re a student, expat, […]

FCO To Rome — How To Get To Rome’s Centro From The Airport

Leonardo Express, Trenitalia, And Taxis Are Only Three Options To listen to the podcast version of this article, click here: Getting To Rome. Most of the links in the article are affiliate links. If you use them, Only A Bag will earn a small commission. These links are our honest opinion, we don’t offer links […]

[Budget] Restaurants in Salerno Recommendation: Pizziché

A hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Salerno, Italy for delicious, cheap food. Where: Salerno, Campania, Italy | Piazza XXIV Maggio 19 When: 10:00 – 15:00 (3:00 PM) Price per person: €5 At the very beginning of the Amalfi Coast is the coastal city of Salerno. Filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and boutiques, Salerno has remained under the […]

Let’s Talk about the “House” in “House Sit”

How much should you clean the house when the owners are about to return? What happens if something breaks during your house sit? The most important part about the house sit, beside the pets, is the house. No-brainer, I know. However, since it’s an important topic, I might as well write about it. But first— […]

Big (and ever-growing) list of jobs to work while abroad

If you’re on the road, or hitting it soon, you might be looking for work. Some of the jobs listed will have certain requirements, like a visa or a certification, but if you haven’t left home yet, try and get what you need! Cruise Ships If you don’t mind the fact that cruise ships are […]

Traveling Alone or Bringing a Partner

For the last 4-5 years, Darcy and I have been traveling together. Before this, I spent a few years traveling solo. I thought this section could be important to anyone who was going to bring a Significant Other, a friend, or a kid/parent. By and large, most people tend to travel alone, and pick up […]

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