Living In Italy

  • Noisy Neighbors And Mental Health
    Our first apartment in four years that lasted twelve days Above is a photo of Perugia (not mine), looking out from the steps of the post office towards one of […]
  • Getting Around Rome by Bus, Metro, or Tram
    How to navigate Rome’s bus, metro, and public transportation system You’re headed to Rome. Congratulations! If you’re arriving from FCO and want to know how to get to the centro, […]
  • Codice Fiscale: What it is | How to get it
    So, you want to know how to get a codice fiscale? First things first, what is a codice fiscale? A codice fiscale, or fiscal code/tax code/personal tax code/etc. is a […]
  • Getting a SIM Card In Italy
    How to get a SIM card in Italy This article is designed for those who want an Italian SIM card and intend on being in Italy for at least a […]
  • FCO To Rome — How To Get To Rome’s Centro From The Airport
    Leonardo Express, Trenitalia, And Taxis Are Only Three Options To listen to the podcast version of this article, click here: Getting To Rome. Most of the links in the article […]
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