Packing List: House Sitting Edition

Now that you found a house sit, how do you make a packing list specifically for house sitting? Later I will write a general packing list, but since this is a house sitting-focused article, I’ll focus on what to bring when house sitting. For those of you who have traveled before, you might be like […]

Let’s Talk about the “House” in “House Sit”

How much should you clean the house when the owners are about to return? What happens if something breaks during your house sit? The most important part about the house sit, beside the pets, is the house. No-brainer, I know. However, since it’s an important topic, I might as well write about it. But first— […]

Setting Up Your House Sitting Profile For Any Website

How to get those first reviews and build up your profile for any house sitting website. A continuation of “What is House Sitting?” When we first decided to house sit, the questions began to flood in. How do we get started? Where do we actually travel to? Do we need reviews or will people trust […]

House Sit: Finding the Right Home Owners

Now that you’ve decided to take the leap and house sit, how to choose the right home owner? In the article about setting up your house sitting profile, I briefly touched on choosing where to go. In this post I’ll continue that idea and talk about how to choose a homeowner for your first house […]

What is House Sitting? An Introduction to the Cheapest Way to Travel

And is house sitting right for you? House sitting is, in my mind, the unicorn of traveling. Stay at someone’s house, usually taking care of their pets and plants, without money exchanging hands. In my eyes, house sitting has hit a “second wave.” Although it’s always existed in some form whether in the back of […]

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