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We’re Nathaniel and Darcy. Originally from Savannah, Ga (though Nathaniel maintains that being born in New York grants him the right of “Yankee”), we moved to Italy in 2019. Because Nathaniel was able to claim Italian citizenship through his mother’s side of his family, we can live in Italy as citizens/residents. Darcy’s still working on her Italian citizenship.

A photo of Darcy when we traveled to Sorrento.

In the past few years Darcy graduated from part-time artist to full-time artist, and Nathaniel from occasional freelance editor and writer to more often than not editor and writer. They also started an online literary and art magazine called Pigeon Review.

A photo of Nathaniel when we traveled to Rome.

We also started a podcast a few months ago that has very small but dedicated listener-ship, and we wanted to expand that information to a blog form as well.

Especially for topics that can’t fit into a podcast such as Restaurant Recommendations, Food Reviews, Gear Reviews, Updates on prices/times, and more in-depth looks into neighborhoods, cities, and events off the beaten path. Especially free ones.

If you’re looking for ways to support us (and we do so appreciate it), consider buying a copy of our travel book, Don’t go to Bruges in the Fall or buying products through our affiliate links. Every penny goes a long way to supporting us and allowing us to continue writing and traveling.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like us to cover something specific, please reach out!

All the best,

Nathaniel and Darcy

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